Making friends in Qatar: Socialising

Making friends in Qatar: Socialising

Individuals and families that move to Qatar often wonder how they can find a community to fit into.

Among the things you can do in Qatar is to join an association of your choice, where you can make friends and build bridges that will help make the transition easier and help you preserve a connection to where you come from. You can also join several online forums and speak to residents before your arrival. While seeking advice, keep in mind, your experience of Qatar can be as good (or not) as you choose to make it.


American Women’s Association

The American Women’s Association is an independent organisation whose members gather every month to meet new people, share their experiences and learn new things. It offers two types of membership:

  • Full for those who are citizens, permanent residents or are associated with the USA by virtue of their husband
  • Associate membership, which is open to any woman resident of Qatar. Associate members are entitled to all membership privileges except to hold Executive Board positions.


Canadians in Qatar

Meet and socialise with Canadian expatriates in Qatar by joining the group in various activities throughout the year. These include outdoor sports, pub nights, group dinners and lots more. The group is open to any resident of Qatar who is interested in Canadian culture.



Doha Mums

Doha Mums brings together all mothers in Qatar who are passionate about celebrating their families. By being a member of this community, you can enjoy the events, meetings, get-togethers, holiday celebrations, playgroups, workshops and classes that are organised.

The Doha Mums website is replete with information for mothers looking for nurseries, schools, support groups and the like.

To join, simply attend any of the group’s official events and return to their website to fill out a membership form.

Website | Facebook

Doha Tweetups

This is Qatar’s first online community which hosts offline events to bring members of the Doha community together. Their events are usually themed and consist of interesting presentations, speakers, performances by local talent and are great opportunities to network with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Website | | Facebook | Twitter

Dutch Speaking Association Qatar

The Dutch community in Qatar holds various social events throughout the year such as coffee mornings, film screenings, monthly meet-and-greets, tours to beaches and deserts and dhow cruises, among many other annual events. Membership is open from 1 September to 31 August and the fee structure is: QR200 (per family), QR150 (per couple) and QR75 for singles.


Francophones in Qatar – Vivre au Qatar

Vivre au Qatar caters to all the francophones living in Qatar. Run by volunteers, the website contains information on news, happenings, places and even regulations to follow in Qatar.


German Networking Events in Qatar

The German community in Qatar.


International Ladies Potluck Group (ILPG)

If you have a penchant for cooking and enjoy interacting with all cultures, among the things you can do in Qatar is to join the ILPG. ILGP is a very diverse group of women who bond over meals, traditional shows and other events organised with a goal to learn about each other’s cultures. Currently, the group meets for brunch once in two months at Al Jazi Gardens Compound Clubhouse in West Bay from 9:30 to 12:00. To become a member, fill out a membership application form and email it to .

Website |

Indian Women’s Association (IWA)

The Indian Women’s Association is a social group for Indian women in Qatar. The association runs various competitions, meetings, presentations, demonstrations as well as festivals and fun fairs aiming to empower women through their participation in these events. Many of the aforementioned events are also open to their families and friends.

Website | | Facebook | Twitter

Qatar Expats

This online group of more than 1,000 members in Qatar gets together offline for a number of fun events such as desert trips, barbecues, dinner, horseback riding, boat trips, coffee and many more activities. Members are free to post their own suggestions for activities and events and invite fellow-members to join.

Membership is free and only requires an account with the host website,

Website | Facebook

Qatar Gaelic Athletic Association (Qatar GAA) – ORYX of Ireland

ORYX of Ireland, Qatar’s GAA chapter, was founded in 2004. Since then, it has been upholding traditional GAA values such as promoting sports and games as well as fostering a sense of community among members.

Membership to the association is currently free. Persons who wish to join purely for social purposes may do so. However, those who want to train or play though must either be a member of the Rugby Club or must be signed in by a member each time and will be required to pay a fee of QR50.

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Qatar Irish Society

This not-for-profit association organises several events and celebrations throughout the year and provides a great opportunity to unite those who are looking for things to do in Qatar. A few popular ones include Irish dancing for both kids and adults, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Sign up for the newsletter or the group for membership requests or information.

Website | Facebook


If you are a Singaporean national residing in Qatar interested in connecting with fellow-nationals, RedDotters@Qatar is the right avenue to explore. RedDotters@Qatar is supported by Overseas Singaporean Unit, an initiative by the Government of Singapore to engage its citizens living abroad.

Website | | Facebook

South African Social Community in Qatar (SASCOM)

This web community is a handy resource for all South African expatriates who are looking for things they can do in Qatar. Information guides are available on the SASCOM website that acquaint all South African expats with the customs, culture and other information they might require for a successful life in Qatar.

There are two sub-groups within this community:

  • South African Ladies Coffee Shoppe (Webpage): This group organises regular get-togethers for South African Ladies at different locations around Qatar.
  • South Africans in Qatar (Facebook): A social group for all South Africans in Qatar.

Website | | Twitter

Spanish Speaking Ladies Group

The Spanish Speaking Ladies Group is a community of women who are either Hispanic or from other Spanish-speaking countries. Through various cultural and social activities and events for kids, women and families, the group brings promotes a stronger sense of community among people. It also welcomes women volunteers for different positions with the group.

You can pay annual membership fee of QR150 at any event you attend or email


Swedish Association of Qatar

Whether you are a Swedish national relocating to Qatar or already residing here, this group might be a good place to meet some new people. The group organises various social events throughout the year. These include outdoor activities, casual get-togethers, annual parties and the like. The association’s website also has a comprehensive section titled ‘Living in Qatar’ to help people who are new to Qatar.         


Tuesday Ladies Group

This group of expatriate ladies from over 26 countries meets on alternate Tuesdays from September to June at the Radisson Blu Hotel to socialise over coffee or brunch, listen to guest speakers or learn new skills such as cooking, beading, golf and many more. Membership to the group is available at a fee of QR150 per year and a payment of QR70 per meeting. This includes a breakfast or brunch with non-alcoholic beverages. Guests and non-members can pay QR90 per meeting to attend. TLG members are also entitled to discounts and promotions on various businesses around town such as airfares, spas, salons, hotels and the like.


Turkish Women's Association of Qatar

This is an association formed by Turkish women residing in Qatar, providing an answer to members of the Turkish community who want to know what can one do in Qatar. Monthly tea evenings, film screenings and professional workshops are some of the events that the group organises.


The Qatar Caledonians

The Qatar Caledonians welcomes anyone who is interested in learning about Scottish culture. The group hosts a number of events marking Scottish holidays and traditions throughout the year, including three major annual events. Persons with a parent or grandparent from Scotland will be eligible for full membership with voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. However, the group is open to individuals of all nationalities who are at least 21 years old.