Common Terms You will Soon Hear in Qatar

Common Terms You will Soon Hear in Qatar

Commercial Bank is happy to help you settle in, live and work in Qatar.

While you find your way around systems and processes related to Banking in Qatar, Healthcare in Qatar, Housing in Qatar or any other ‘got to do’ procedures, here are some common terms you are sure to encounter, along with a short description of what they mean. Happy settling down!

Residency Permit (Residence Card)

Qatar recently changed the residence permit procedures. Earlier the RP was a document pasted in your passport.

As of June 2015, it has replaced that with Residence Cards. Your employer will apply for your Residence Card or Residence Permit. This card will serve as both your Residence Permit and your ID card.

For those under your sponsorship – your family – you can apply online through Metrash2, Ministry of Interior website or the Hukoomi site. You can receive the Residence Card either by delivery through Q-Post or at one of the service centres of the General Directorate of Nationality, Borders and Expatriate Affairs at the Ministry of Interior. As per these changes, even children under 16 years of age will require a Residence Card.

In the case of damage to Residence Card, the card will be reissued with the same fees. In case you lose your Residence Card abroad, the loss should be reported to the concerned authority abroad and a new card is to be issued with the required documents. The person will be granted a return visa through the request of the employer. If the card is lost within Qatar, a new card will be issued once the lost card is reported to the concerned authority.

Your RP or Residence Card proves you as a valid resident of Qatar and will be vital for obtaining all other necessities such as Qatari ID, Qatari Driver’s license, bank services, health care, and plenty of other mandatory procedures. You will also need one to obtain a liquor licence. Keep in mind that even the ability to leave and re-enter  the country for vacation, business travel or any other purpose will hinge on you possessing a valid RP.


Salary Transfer

Salary Transfer refers to the process of transferring your salary from your employer into a bank account. The process of your monthly salary being deposited in the said account, of a bank of your choice is called a Salary Transfer.  With Commercial Bank, customers can arrange to have salary payments directly transferred to their Commercial Bank account, as well as transfer money to other types of accounts offered by us. Additionally, you can keep close track of your money through Commercial Bank’s private online banking services as well.

Salary Certificate

Many services in Qatar will require an official document from your sponsoring employee stating yearly salary and other information such as date of employment and Qatari ID number. This salary certificate must be presented when obtaining bank services such as opening a bank account and applying for loans. Do take a moment to check out a number of loan options available to you with Commercial Bank.


Medical Tests

All Qatari residents are required to undergo strict medical tests in order to ensure the best healthcare for all of its inhabitants. These include a blood test and x-ray in order to screen for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, and HIV. While this process is mandatory in Qatar, it can take up the majority of your day, so be prepared to stand in line. Wear comfortable shoes, bring snacks and women are recommended to wear white singlet tops, to assist in the process of chest X-rays and  avoiding changing into a government issued hospital gown.


This local phrase refers to a Public Relations Officer, or an employer who handles visa and documentation services. When you are new to Qatar, you will likely come to know your Mandoob well as they will be assisting you and your colleagues in the settling-in process of obtaining legal documents required for living in Qatar. As these processes can be a long and tiresome, showing respect and appreciation to your Mandoop will help to keep a positive attitude afloat during your transition into Qatar.


PRO (Public Relations Officer) is another term used for Mandoob.


Ask expats about “the souq” and in their minds there will inevitably be only one location that comes to mind: Souq Waqif. Ask Qataris, however, and their reply will likely be more like, “Which souq?” The word souq translates to market and can be used to describe any local shopping area, often consisting of a number of specialty stores. Within Doha one can find fabric souqs, gold souqs, and even electronic souqs. While shopping in these markets, be sure not to bypass the cozy restaurants and irresistibly modest karak stands, a local favorite of sweet milk and cardamom flavored chai.

The newly opened Wakrah Souq Waqif is worth a visit too.



An iconic landmark of Doha and a vast stretch of scenery, activity, and community, the Corniche is a central and favorite meeting place for those living in Qatar within the center of the city, reaching from the downtown city center area all the way to the Islamic Arts Museum. Recent construction has resulted in brand new “smart traffic lights” along the roads bordering the Corniche’s path to ensure the least amount of city traffic congestion as possible in this rapidly growing city. Choose from a number of activities such as short and affordable Dhow boat rides, coffee or a bite in one of the eateries or simply take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the combination of sea and skyline views.